GET /api/users/:user_id

show information for a user

Success Response Code: 200


Param name Description

id of the user

Value: Must be a String

Response Fields

contact_info the user's contact information. Includes phone numbers, email addresses, instant messenger services, and location Hash<string, string>
manager user's manager's ID Integer
custom_fields user's settings for community-defined custom fields - also includes business unit and department information Array<Hash<string, string>>
followable whether this user can be followed Boolean
contact_id if the current user is following this user, the contact record Integer
following_count the number of users that the user is following Integer
followers_count the number of users are following the user Integer
status_message unused; always null String
id user's id Integer
name user's full name String
first_name user's first name (or preferred first name if set) String
last_name user's last name String
url url to interact with the user's record String
avatars urls for the user's avatar in various sizes Hash<string, string>
username user's username String
active whether the user is currently active Boolean
terminated whether the user has been terminated Boolean
inactive whether the user is inactive Boolean
role user's role within the community (community_admin, sbi_admin, reach_admin, town_hall_admin, external_contributor_admin, thanks_admin, broadcast_message_admin, client_admin, content_moderator, challenge_admin, tenant_admin) String
title user's title within the organization String
type type of user String
out_of_office whether the user is currently out of the office Boolean
out_of_office_on start of out-of-office period DateTime
back_in_office_on end of out-of-office period DateTime
company_login user's company login String

Example Curl Commands

curl -X GET -v --basic -u "" ""


GET /api/users/50.json
  "user": {
    "contact_info": {
      "email": "active'"
    "manager": null,
    "custom_fields": [],
    "followable": false,
    "contact_id": null,
    "following_count": 0,
    "followers_count": 0,
    "presence": false,
    "status_message": null,
    "id": 50,
    "first_name": "J'øhn46",
    "last_name": "D'øe46",
    "name": "J'øhn46 D'øe46",
    "html_name": "J&#39;øhn46 D&#39;øe46",
    "url": "https://socialcast.socialcast.test/users/50-j%C3%B8hn46d%C3%B8e46",
    "avatars": {
      "is_system_default": false,
      "id": 4,
      "square16": "",
      "square30": "",
      "square45": "",
      "square70": "",
      "square140": "",
      "original": ""
    "username": "Jøhn46Døe46",
    "active": true,
    "terminated": false,
    "inactive": false,
    "role": "member",
    "type": "User",
    "title": null,
    "out_of_office": false,
    "out_of_office_on": null,
    "back_in_office_on": null,
    "company_login": null