GET /api/external_systems/:external_system_id

get a single external_system for the authenticated reach admin

Success Response Code: 200

Response Fields

id unique ID of a external_system Integer
name name of the external_system String
description description of external_system String
url url to view the external_system permalink page String
system_url system url of the external_system String
state state of the external_system ["active", "inactive"]
not_in_company_stream exclude this system's messages from Company Stream [true, false]
external_system_type system type ["html", "sharepoint", "google_gadget"]
sharepoint_version available only if external_system_type is sharepoint ["2007", "2010"]
avatars urls for various sizes of external_system avatar pictures Hash<String, Url>

Example Curl Commands

curl -X GET -v --basic -u ""


  "external_system": {
    "id": 3,
    "name": "Øur 'Intranet' 1",
    "username": null,
    "description": null,
    "url": "https://socialcast.socialcast.test/external_systems/3",
    "system_url": "",
    "state": "active",
    "external_system_type": "html",
    "sharepoint_version": null,
    "not_in_company_stream": false,
    "avatars": {
      "is_system_default": true,
      "square16": "https://socialcast.socialcast.test/images/external_system_square16.png",
      "square30": "https://socialcast.socialcast.test/images/external_system_square30.png",
      "square45": "https://socialcast.socialcast.test/images/external_system_square45.png",
      "square70": "https://socialcast.socialcast.test/images/external_system_square70.png",
      "square140": "https://socialcast.socialcast.test/images/external_system_square140.png"
    "type": "ExternalSystem"